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Banksman Training – learn vital signals & increase safety

March 22, 2018

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Throughout the United Kingdom on a daily basis there are HGVs that are operating in tight circumstances and being ushered into spaces to unload or park by individuals who haven’t had the correct training. When operating a HGV it only takes a very small mistake or misjudgement to have an accident, companies have been fined hundreds or thousands as a result of incidents like this. One way to reduce the likelihood of someone being involved in a bay related incident is by providing Banksman training, this simple one-day course can inform staff about the correct signals and positions to stand at while directing a HGV driver.

There have been incidents of people getting hit or being hurt as a result of doing what seems like a simple task. However, without the right training and knowledge to guide someone correctly the task can have increased levels of danger.

Fatal incidents have happened in yards across the United Kingdom because people have failed to conduct the appropriate training for their staff members, these accidents have ranged from being bumped into to being crushed by a HGV. The resulting injuries have vastly changed people’s lives and left companies with fines of over £100,000 that have caused bankruptcy. Having staff members that are fully trained Banksman can reduce the likelihood of a fatal accident happening.

The Vehicle Banksman course content is as follows:
• Regulations
• What is a Banksman
• Understanding the Roles of the Driver and Banksman
• Understanding the Key Issues arising out of reversing and manoeuvring vehicles
• Identify danger ares when manoeuvring vehicles
• Demonstrate recommended signals
• Theoretical and practical assessments

If you are interested in having a Banksman course delivered for your staff get in touch with us today, we will try to assist you with your training in anyway that we can.

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