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The Beast From The East – Training Continues…

March 20, 2018

safe urban driving and driver cpc in bad weather conditions

The beast from the east has been and gone, major disruptions were caused to roads and everyday life all over the United Kingdom as the snowfall covered our landscapes. However, the sun is starting to shine and I’m sure most people within the United Kingdom are glad that we are approaching spring, the end of the bitterly cold weather is finally in sight!


Throughout this period where the beast from the east was causing chaos and we had extreme levels of snow falling, Seven Training ensured that we maintained regular contact with our delegates who were due to attend upcoming courses. We had no intention of cancelling our courses, which would mean letting our delegates down that’s just not in our ethos at Seven Training. We always strive to deliver our customers the best training experience possible, unlike the inherently average experience that seems to be becoming more common. We always take into consideration our customers safety, if they had of expressed concerns an alternative date would have been proposed that suited the delegates. Maintaining contact meant that we could make them aware of this as well as confirming their intention to still attend.


Once we were able to confirm that the delegates were happy to continue with their training course, preparation could begin to ensure that we could get their safely and on time with all the equipment needed to complete the training course. As this was a case of special circumstances with the weather we knew that we would need to add a couple of hours onto our journey, therefore we made the decision to travel the night before and stay in a hotel. This allowed us to make sure we were at the training centre on time, without having any excuses for being late and holding delegates up.


All of the training courses were successful, with First Aid and Driver CPC training delivered to all of the delegates without any interruptions.


We are proud that we managed to complete all of our training courses over this period. We believe that this demonstrates just how committed and determined we are to delivering an exceptional training experience, no matter the circumstances that arise.


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