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August 29, 2018

The Driver CPC legislation has been enforced throughout Europe since 2009 with the aim of encouraging higher standards of professional driving, the driver cpc legislation requires all HGV drivers to complete 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years.

We expanded our Driver CPC portfolio so that we can continuously offer a variety of non-repetitive courses to our customers while they complete their training, we understand that repetitive training can become unenjoyable therefore innovation is crucial not only to us but to the whole training industry. Seven Training are currently able to offer our customers 8 different Driver CPC modules including a variety of on-road, classroom and practical based content. Our aim for the future is to continuously add more modules, enabling our customers to have maximum choice when selecting their course. This will mean that our customers can select the course which is most suitable to them and their employees, gaining maximum customisation to specify a certain form of training which they think will be most beneficial or a specific subject to focus on.

Driver cpc modules we offer:
• Safe loading and loading awareness
• Emergency first aid at work for professional drivers
• Roadside first aid for professional drivers
• The professional driver’s day
• Professional driver life skills
• LoCity Training
• Safe urban driving
• Driver risk assessment

We want the whole Driver CPC process to be as enjoyable and easy as possible for our customers to complete. Therefore, we designed our bespoke training services with this in mind. Our bespoke training courses give companies ultimate flexibility when completing their training, tailoring every aspect to suit their individual requirements. As a company we pride ourselves on providing excellent levels of customer service, our bespoke course offering enables us to continue with the customer focused approach embedded within Seven Group.

With the Driver CPC training deadline looming in 2019 bespoke training courses may provide the most suitable solution for your business. If you have a number of drivers who still need to complete periodic Driver CPC hours, our bespoke courses will help to reduce the impact on your operational activities. This is done by allowing our customers to pick the time and location, meaning they can receive their training in their downtime or a less busy spell for the business.


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