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How can open courses help you fulfil your Driver CPC requirements?…

February 4, 2019

As we approach the end of the second cycle of Driver CPC (DCPC) periodic training companies and drivers alike are looking for various ways to complete their training and catch up on hours, especially those drivers who are behind on their DCPC hours that have multiple modules to complete before the deadline.

Most companies arrange group DCPC training courses for their drivers to attend within their own office or a suitable nearby venue, enabling up to 24 of their drivers to complete 7 hours of training in a single day. However, this is not always an option for companies as they may not be able to take that many drivers off the road at one time; there are also some other companies that prefer their drivers to arrange their own training and see it as solely their responsibility.

So, what are the best options that these companies have to complete their periodic DCPC training?

One of the easiest ways for companies and drivers to catch up on their hours is through online booking system websites like our very own or EventBrite, these websites enable people to easily book group courses or single places on periodic DCPC courses. These platforms have been designed so that people can instantly arrange their training and check availability on their preferred date and location.

These online booking systems promoting open training courses can provide a cost-effective way for drivers to complete their periodic DCPC hours, most courses can be booked for £80 per delegate instead of a company having to pay the cost of a full training course when they may not be able to fill it. If a company is paying for a whole training course that they aren’t able to fill then the cost per delegate will be raised significantly. Therefore, a fixed figure per delegate fee presents a much better option for drivers who need to complete a number of modules before the deadline.

Furthermore, another benefit of these open courses that many operators like is the opportunity for their drivers to interact with drivers from other companies. Some people that we have spoken to believe enabling their drivers to hear stories from other companies and new people helps them to progress further, ultimately helping them to build knowledge of any issues they may face in the future that they haven’t yet encountered so that they are prepared for a wider variety of circumstances.

Open courses provide an easy and flexible way for delegates to complete their DCPC hours, enabling companies to send a number of drivers to complete training at one time rather than the majority or entirety of their fleet. As well as this, open courses can also be useful so that drivers are able to catch up on their DCPC hours so that they are level with the rest of the drivers within the company. Overall the open courses provide the perfect solution for drivers that are either behind on their DCPC hours or are unable to complete them alongside a large group of work colleagues. However, if you do wish to book a group DCPC course for your business our bespoke DCPC training courses provide the perfect solution for your requirements. No matter where your office is based we will come to you and deliver training at your preferred location, enabling all of your drivers to complete their training with minimal disruption.


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