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A day in the life of a professional driver…

September 4, 2018

In the 21st century it has been well documented that we are facing a shortage of lorry drivers, with figures estimating that we are currently around 45,000 drivers short. Lorry drivers provide a vital service for the British economy, without them we would be unable to transport goods meaning shops would be unable to meet the modern-day consumer’s needs. So, why are more young people not learning to drive a HGV and starting their career in the transport industry?

One massive barrier for young people thinking of entering this industry is the training and licensing costs, with some people giving estimates in the region of £3000. There has been some discussion about whether the government would help to ease the burden by offering grants or incentives, as yet there has been no sign of this though.

So, what other reasons could there be for young people not pursuing a career as a professional driver? The everyday job of a lorry driver is not just driving a vehicle as some people may perceive it to be. In fact, drivers have to do a fair amount of preparation before they can actually start driving their vehicle on a daily basis. Before entering their vehicle it is good practice for a driver to plan their journey prior to departing, this means they can take the most fuel efficient and fast route to their destination.

Arguably the most important daily task of a Heavy Goods Vehicle driver is their duty to carry out inspections to their vehicle. These inspections or ‘daily walk around checks’ can lead to a fixed penalty or penalty points if not carried out properly. During a walk around check drivers are required to check a wide range of equipment on their vehicle such as the lights, tyres, security of load and much more.

All of this can appear quite scary for young people considering entering the transport industry. However, we can assure you it is not our courses will keep you well educated within your field of work. We offer Driver CPC training courses that can help drivers enhance their skills within these areas. Our safe loading and loading awareness course help to educate drivers about a vital part of their daily inspection, alternatively our professional drivers day course covers all aspects of an average working day for Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers. Modern day drivers have innovated and evolved the way we are transporting goods throughout the United Kingdom and we are proud to be part of it by training drivers.


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