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Driver CPC – The Deadline

March 1, 2018

The driver certificate of professional competence first came into effect in September 2009, it was introduced to try and increase road safety and maintain high standards of driving. The Driver CPC legislation meant that all new HGV drivers had to complete a theory component as well as 35 hours periodic training to gain their Driver CPC. However, if you were driving a HGV professionally before this period then you have acquired rights meaning you can skip the initial CPC.

Once an individual has gained their CPC they must complete 35 hours periodic training every 5 years in order to retain it. Companies and individuals have been undertaking their 35 hours in different ways, some opt to do one 7 hour session a year where as others do all 35 hours in a week’s crash course training.

Companies take different viewpoints on their driver training. Some companies are happy to provide the necessary training for their drivers and arrange this for them, while others leave it up to the drivers to sort all of their training for themselves. If you fail to meet these requirements then you could be fined up to £1000 and lose your job according to the DVSA.

A delegate taking part in driver CPC training
safe urban driving training being delivered

As this legislation was launched in 2009 the next 5 year Driver CPC deadline is approaching. Which brings about the question, how many CPC hours have you completed? There is a fear amongst training companies that drivers may leave their CPC hours to the last minute, causing a late rush and demand for training courses throughout the United Kingdom.

Brexit also provided another talking point for the Driver CPC legislation, some people believed that with Brexit we would see the end of the CPC and therefore they would not have to complete another cycle of training. However, a year later we now know this is not the case. Training will continue to be a major requirement for all HGV drivers Brexit will have no impact on this as of yet, in the future this could change though.


There are drivers throughout the United Kingdom that try to avoid doing their CPC training for as long as possible because they do not enjoy training, that is not how training should be viewed and we would urge them to question their training providers. Training should be engaging, enjoyable and most importantly informative for the delegate so they go away from the session having learnt something new. That is the training experience Seven strive to deliver for our customers.

The Driver CPC requirement is an opportunity for drivers to develop and learn new skills. Operators can use this training in a number of different ways such as making sure drivers are up to date with the latest fuel-efficient driving techniques, first aid and drivers hours and tachograph training. We provide a variety of courses which all contribute 7 hours of the Driver CPC requirement. All of our courses are designed to enable our customers to take something away from the day, allowing them to reflect positively on their periodic CPC training hours.

Our CPC Courses:

Safe Urban Driving

Professional Driver Life Skills

The Professional Drivers Day

Roadside First Aid for Professional Drivers

Emergency First Aid at Work for Professional Drivers

Safe Loading and Loading awareness


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