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Driver Risk Assessment – the real benefits…

April 4, 2018

A delegate taking part in driver CPC training

Every year there is a growing demand for household items, food and services throughout the United Kingdom. The thing that people often fail to consider is the impact that this has not only on urban areas but also on our motorways and logistics companies. Logistics, haulage and companies with home delivery capacity play a vital role in ensuring we can all receive the goods that we want on time, without these companies and their drivers performing so efficiently the supply would struggle to meet the increasing demand.

All of these factors contribute to a growing focus on drivers, how to increase road safety and the CPC legislation. A driver risk assessment course engages delegates on a one to one basis, with only the training instructor and the delegate present. This course allows drivers to keep their vehicle on the road and continue with their normal days work routine, allowing work to continue undisrupted and our trainers to get a real insight into delegates unique driving habits.

This is proving to be a very popular training course amongst logistics companies as it allows their business to continue as normal, while their drivers receive their training and seven hours Driver CPC contribution.

The benefits of this course are evident in a number of different areas. First of all, as the increased number of delivery vehicles on our roads populate motorways and urban areas we need to maintain safe driving standards. This fully accredited Driver CPC course gives delegates the opportunity to have one on one feedback about their driving style, as well as having instant on the job discussions about hazards and situations that arise while out making deliveries. Another major benefit of this course is the potential to reduce fuel consumption within a fleet of vehicles. In recent years the discussion surrounding electric vehicles and more fuel-efficient vehicles has gained pace, with Tesla announcing the launch of their first fully electric truck to the market from 2019. However, many drivers are still driving in an erratic manner that ruins their average MPG. Our trainers can help to educate these drivers of the methods to boost average MPG ratings, which could in turn save companies thousands on petrol as well as helping to reduce fuel emissions.

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