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We offer a wide range of Driver Training courses which include Driver CPC training modules

Driver Training is a vital component of any business operating a fleet of vehicles. Depending on the fleet a business operates and the locations that they work in, they will almost certainly require some form of driver training at some point either to maximise their opportunities, stay compliant or purely to increase safety. It is also widely publicised that there is a shortage of around 50,000 drivers in the United Kingdom a situation which is gradually getting worse, engaging with your drivers and developing individuals so that they can learn new skills could make your business more appealing to drivers.

Our Driver Training capability includes a wide range of Driver CPC training courses as well as Non-Driver CPC related training courses, offering this variety of courses provides our customers with as many options as possible when selecting a training course for their business. Ultimately, enabling them to be 100% happy with the course they are selecting.

Driver CPC training is a legislation that was introduced throughout Europe in 2009, a course can be delivered to up to 20 people at one time and contributes 7 hours towards the Driver CPC requirement. Some people fail to consider the potential benefits that a Non-CPC related training course could bring to their company and focus solely on booking Driver CPC training as this is a legal requirement. Training course such as Banksman and Van Smart are examples of beneficial training courses that do not contribute to the CPC requirement, both of these courses provide content to increase safety and raise awareness of potential accidents as well as how to avoid them.

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If you would like to book a driver training course for your business you can do so easily using our online booking system, once you have selected the course that you want proceed through the checkout process and complete your payment. We will then be in contact with you to discuss your desired location and date for the training to be delivered.

Alternatively, if you would like more information about any of the courses that we offer or require an individual quote for your training needs please contact us

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