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Driving Times, Tachographs & safe places to stop…

November 23, 2018

Drivers throughout the United Kingdom have to operate within a number of different laws while completing their jobs on a daily basis, due to the nature of the loads they transport and the damage that their vehicles could cause it is imperative that every aspect of safety is covered. Arguably one of the most commonly discussed areas within the transport and haulage industry is driver hours and correct use of a tachograph while operating.

Drivers hour regulations are a vital element of keeping our roads safe for every road user on a daily basis, HGV drivers are only allowed to drive for a maximum of 9 hours within one day and for every 4.5 hours of driving they must take at least a 45-minute break. The rules regarding a drivers operating times and rest period go into a lot more detail, detailing the minimum amount of rest time they must have within a 24-hour period as well as the maximum driving time they can complete within a single week.

To implement these laws as effectively as possible and make them viable for the whole network of HGV drivers, investment in infrastructure is imperative. Prior planning of journeys is often rightly talked about so that drivers can prepare their stops and rest breaks within their designated journey. However, there are occasions where these plans get disrupted by accidents or sporadic traffic meaning that they cannot make it to their planned destination in time.

There are a lot of drivers that claim there are not enough safe or suitable places for them to stop while completing their journeys, although there are thousands of service stations, lay-bys and truck stops all over the United Kingdom many of these are deemed unsatisfactory by drivers. Strides have been made to both improve the quality and safety of designated resting places for drivers as well as building some new designated stopping places. However, many of these still do not contain washing facilities such as showers or even enough secure CCTV monitored parking spaces to fulfil the demand among truck drivers that need to rest.

It has been well publicised that there is a shortage of drivers throughout the United Kingdom within the transport and haulage industry. This is an area that desperately needs to be addressed as drivers play a crucial role in keeping goods moving around the country, without them doing their job the supply within the United Kingdom could be dramatically reduced.

Articles have been published outlining some of the best truck stops as voted for by drivers themselves, the top 10 included:
• Newcott fish and chips (A41)
• Lockerbie (J16 – M74)
• Truckers Rest (A5)
• Route 74 (J10 – M7)
• AWJ Truck Stop (J40 – M6)
• Tebay Services (J38 – M6)
• Rugby Truck Stop (J18 – M1)
• Skem Truck Stop (J5 – M58)
• Watford Gap Services (J16 – M1)
• Bury St Edmunds Lorry Park (A14)

There are of course other notable places for drivers to stop while operating within the United Kingdom. However, we cannot name them all within this one article. Drivers will often be accustomed to certain rest areas and use the same ones when possible.


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