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The DVSA guide to maintaining roadworthiness…

February 14, 2019

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have recently launched an updated version of its ‘guide to maintaining roadworthiness’. The guide is a useful document for both commercial vehicle operators and passenger carrying vehicles, providing a variety of information that is aimed to help keep operators vehicles on the road.

DVSA’s vision is for safer drivers, safer vehicles and ultimately safer journeys for everyone. One of the most important steps in ensuring this happens is by making sure all vehicles on the road are safe to drive. Whether a company is operating a multi-depot fleet or a single vehicle the importance of road safety remains the same, increasing overall road safety throughout the United Kingdom is a key and ongoing priority for the DVSA.

The detailed guide provides a range of best practice advice and explains an operators legal responsibilities as well as the systems involved with keeping their fleet in a roadworthy condition, regardless of operating conditions, fleet size or vehicle type it is always essential to that correct procedures are followed. As well as this there is also information about where companies can access additional help, including any technical assistance they require and training to help operators remain compliant.

The key content covered within this guide includes:
• Daily checks and inspections
• Inspection and repair facilities
• Regular safety inspections
• Responsibilities for roadworthiness
• Monitoring

An ‘earned recognition’ scheme has also been introduced which rewards operators that have a positive record of compliance and adherence to the standards. The operators that qualify for this scheme will be able to benefit from commercial and financial perks as they are able to go about their business unhindered. Instead, focusing on companies that have history of being non-compliant. Qualification for this scheme is completely based on merit and a companies previous history of compliance.

If you want to read through the updated ‘guide to maintaining roadworthiness’ you can do so by following the link provided here…


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