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Training with a purpose – Ensure it is enjoyable, engaging and beneficial for everyone

November 6, 2017

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Throughout the 21st century it has been widely publicised and spoken about that different people learn in different ways, these different learning styles have been grouped into four main areas which are:

• Visual learners
• Kinesthetic learners
• Reading/writing learners
• Auditory learners

No matter which learning style you fall under it is still vital that the training is enjoyable and engaging, otherwise you will lose interest in the course you are attending very quickly. The key factor influencing how enjoyable and engaging training courses are is the training instructor, no matter whether you attend a FORS Safe Urban Driving course or a Qualsafe First Aid course the training instructor must be enthusiastic, hold your interest for the duration of the course and provide various material for different learning methods.

Identifying these different learning methods and delivering content correctly is an essential skill for trainers, as it can enable maximum benefit and development of all delegates attending. This is an important aspect of Seven Driver Training which has been recognised in our Driver CPC and office based courses by auditing bodies Jaupt and Qualsafe, with both of these commenting on the role our trainers played in engaging delegates. An auditor for Jaupt said “the trainer identified each trainee learning style and asked questions appropriate to meet their learning needs” while Qualsafe said “the trainers delivery style ensured the learners were fully engaged”.

If training courses are delivered in correlation with the previously mentioned factors they have the potential to add real value and teach delegates important new skills, courses such as Safe Urban Driving and AED/CPR training are being designed with practical and theory content to help aid all learning styles. However, it is important that new courses are consistently being provided in order to stimulate and challenge delegates for years to come.

The importance of ensuring training courses are more than just a box ticking exercise has been highlighted numerous times in recent months, with articles being written about Driver CPC courses and First Aid CPR courses. The RTITB recently published an article about the role CPC training can play in career progression, claiming that Driver CPC Periodic Training is frequently overlooked as a tool for progressing the careers of professional LGV drivers. Laura Nelson RTITB Managing Director goes on to say “It doesn’t have to just be about maintaining a driver’s qualification or compliance. Planned and implemented in the right way, it can be a valuable way to truly develop drivers and find ways to progress their careers.”

Likewise, articles have recently been published about First Aid CPR courses. These articles are about emergency situations that have happened to people recently, where CPR training has saved an individuals life. The first big story came from movie star Ryan Reynolds who revealed that he used CPR to save his nephews life, and urged other people to attend a CPR course. Another story recently hit the headlines where a bridesmaid suffered a cardiac arrest while walking up the aisle, luckily her cousins were able to administer CPR and use an AED as they had attended a course 2 weeks before the wedding.

With the potential life saving skills, career progression and personal development provided on training courses being put in the spotlight throughout various news outlets, why not attend the next upcoming course available?

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