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Ensure CPC training remains beneficial…

March 8, 2019

The Driver CPC training legislation is nearing completion of the second cycle, in order to legally maintain a Driver CPC license all HGV drivers must of completed their 35 hours periodic training by September 2019.

In the run up to the CPC deadline we would advise all operators and drivers to consider which courses to complete for their training modules, selecting appropriate modules can have a real impact on the operational activities of a businesses fleet. We understand that there is a temptation among some drivers to complete their required hours at the earliest convenience. However, CPC training does aid development and teaches drivers new skills as well as reaffirming existing knowledge, evidencing the importance of carefully considering which modules would be most applicable to your individual working routine.

There are a range of different Driver CPC modules that can be completed, all of which target specific areas that drivers encounter on a daily basis. Targeting these areas not only increases a drivers knowledge, but it can also benefit a business by increasing their fleet efficiency and safety depending on the modules that drivers complete. Alternatively, if drivers do not wish to focus solely one on area related to their everyday working routine, we do offer some ‘hybrid’ modules that cover a range of subjects. An example of this is LGV Driver Essentials which covers vulnerable road users and how to share the road safely, load safety and securing a load, tachographs and driver hours.

We also run a number of open courses which drivers can book places for using Eventbrite. These courses regularly vary in both location and content, enabling drivers throughout the United Kingdom to book themselves onto a training course close to them. Open courses are the perfect solution for businesses that have a number of drivers to train rather than a whole classroom, meaning their drivers can complete their remaining CPC hours while causing minimal disruption to operational activities.

The courses that we currently offer include:
• LGV Driver Essentials
• Safe Loading and Loading Awareness
• Professional Driver Life Skills
• The Professional Drivers Day
• Driver Risk Assessment Training
• LoCITY Training

If you have some drivers that still need to complete Driver CPC hours before the September deadline please contact us today, we will endeavour where possible to make arrangements that match your individual business requirements. We deliver all of our training courses throughout the United Kingdom offer flexible time and date bookings to minimise operational disruption.


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