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After the event, FORS MC 2018…

October 30, 2018

For the second year running we decided to exhibit at the FORS Members conference, the conference itself grows year on year in order to facilitate the ever-growing number of attendees and popularity of FORS. Exhibitors and attendees all benefit from the great networking opportunities available throughout the day, and this year there was also the special first look at the latest FORS standard for commercial vehicle operators. Notable new requirements for the FORS standard include appointing a counter terrorism champion, passenger safety policy and a staff workplace travel plan

This year was another successful trip to the FORS conference as we enjoyed a number of interesting conversations with people from different markets throughout the day, from our perspective it is interesting to hear the problems that people encounter while trying to complete their mandatory FORS training. As well as training we had a number of conversations with people about our many other services that Seven Group offer to a variety of markets.

Last year we had a number of conversations with people where they raised issues about the location of training, this year we were still hearing the same issues being mentioned. People were still unaware that they can complete their vulnerable road user training such as Safe Urban Driving or Van Smart at their own location, which can save them a considerable amount of money that they are spending on fuel, food and hotels so their drivers can complete training courses in London or other major cities. We offer all of our training courses nationwide and deliver them at our customers office if that is their preferred location!

There is no sign of the momentum behind FORS slowing down, the introduction of a new FORS standard will once again increase road safety which can only be a positive for the commercial vehicle industry. To put it simply, the more people that continue to work towards FORS accreditation the better. As a FORS associate and a provider of their training this could be conceived as a biased opinion. However, the evidence is clear; FORS standards and accreditation include increased vehicle vision and awareness with equipment such as Fresnel lenses, cameras and audible systems being installed. As well as this all drivers have to complete their vulnerable road user training with either Safe Urban Driving or Van Smart, both of these courses cleverly put drivers in the cyclist’s shoes so that they can get a better understanding of the scenario’s cyclists face every day with the aim of reducing incidents. FORS are directly tackling some of the biggest issues that we are facing with road safety in the 21st century.


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