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What to expect from your CPC training in the winter months?…

December 17, 2018

We are now only one week away from Christmas, it seems appropriate to start the latest Seven Training blog by saying we hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! For many companies the festive period represents the busiest time of year for their business as demand for certain produce soars. However, other companies face completely the opposite and this time of year is their least busy period where planning and preparation is underway to get ready for 2019.

Naturally it makes sense for the companies that are less busy at this time of year to complete their training while it will cause minimal disruption their operational activities, completing training during periods whereby less vehicles are required to complete all deliveries and match consumer demand. Companies that face high demand for deliveries throughout winter will most likely look to complete their training during the summer, meaning the delegates completing training courses is spread throughout the year depending on the demand that companies are facing.

The spread demand for training means we will most likely be able to accommodate your requirements, we have availability for midweek training courses throughout January and February. We can deliver a range of different courses and all courses are delivered at our customers location, meaning your drivers do not have to commute and can turn up to your office as usual to complete their training. No matter where you are located, we will bring all of the required equipment to complete training to your workplace at a time convenient to you if possible.

Training can be completed in a range of different ways depending on your preferred course, requirements and availability. In order for more than 6 drivers from your company to complete Safe Urban Driving or Van Smart in one day multiple trainers are required, this enables more delegates to complete training as one trainer focuses on practical while the other teaches theory. Safe Urban Driving continues to be a vastly popular training course for Driver CPC training, ticking boxes for the FORS requirement as well as periodic Driver CPC training requirements. However, if you are interested in one of our other Driver CPC modules such as LGV Driver Essentials then up to 24 of your drivers can complete this course.

We continue to deliver training all year round and will do so throughout the winter months, meaning your business can complete training whenever best matches your requirements. We will always endeavour where possible to make arrangements that match your requirements. However, in the winter months weather does play a factor in delivering training as we need to ensure delegate safety at all times, ice or snowy conditions could mean that training needs to be re-arranged as it will be unsafe to cycle on the roads and complete practical training.


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