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Fire Safety – Make sure your business knows what to do…

August 22, 2018

Fire safety training is a vital part of any modern-day office environment, no matter which office you go into you are always likely to be able to see a fire extinguisher. If an emergency situation does ever occur and a fire starts in an office it is vital that people are able to act immediately, whether that is to evacuate the building or use a fire extinguisher will be the decision of the designated fire marshal for that specific company and their fire plan.

One of the most important things for a company to do is make sure they have a clear and effective fire safety plan in place. This plan should clearly document the fire evacuation process, including where the closest fire exit doors are and who the company fire marshal or marshals are as they’re responsible for making sure everyone gets out safely. This plan should be regularly implemented by staff in ‘practice fire drills’ ensuring that everyone knows what do in an emergency situation, checking to make sure all of the fire detectors work and evacuating the building as safely and quickly as possible.

Another vital thing to ensure is that a working environment has the correct fire extinguishers for their ‘most likely’ fires. Fire extinguishers can be bought containing a range of different fluids which are used on different types of fires such as electrical, paper or oil. We cannot predict when a fire will occur or what will be the cause of the fire. However, we can provide ourselves with the best most suitable equipment possible to deal with these situations if they ever occur. So, if you work in an IT based office with hundreds of computers and printers you would require electronical extinguishers where as a mechanical garage would be most suited to grease and oil extinguishers.

As well as this you should consider how you can reduce the risk of a fire occurring in your workplace and where the most likely sources of fire could be. This will allow you to implement certain procedures or different equipment in these areas, minimising the risk of a fire occurring and identifying the quickest way to take action if it does.

Our fire safety course covers all of this content and can prepare your staff to be fire marshals. Covering important content such as how to assess the risks of fire in your workplace and perform regular fire safety equipment checks. If you would be interested in booking a fire safety training course for your business contact us today, we can arrange training to be delivered at your workplace at a time and date chosen by you!


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