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Fire Safety Training – Why do it?

June 1, 2018

Fire safety training should be considered as vital training for any workplace in order to maximise the safety of their staff. A designated fire safety marshal knowing the correct procedures significantly improves the likelihood of your workplace avoiding a fire, during training delegates will learn a variety of content including the regulations and precautions that should be followed in the workplace. Some key figures relating to fires in the workplace show that most fires occur between 12-2pm when people are making their lunch and on their break. Furthermore, more than 1/3 of fire fatalities in non-domestic buildings are caused by cigarettes or lighters, it’s massively important that your workplace highlights these risks and minimises the risk of a fire occurring.

Many people may consider fire safety training to be unnecessary, thinking that as long as they have fire extinguishers and signs pointing to fire exits they are protected. However, we can confirm this could not be more wrong and fire safety training is extremely important for all workplaces. The range of content covered could be crucial in ensuring the workplace is fully protected in case a fire ever does occur, little things that we may fail to consider such as which fire extinguisher to use are crucial in a fire-based emergency. As well as this all delegates will be fully equipped with the knowledge of what to do in an emergency situation, ensuring the correct procedures are followed by all members of staff in the office. It is key for any workplace to form an emergency evacuation plan and regularly have practice fire drills, ensuring that all members of staff exit the building safely and a register is taken once everyone is out of the building.

Course Content:
• The costs of fires in the workplace for employers, employees & society
• Active & passive risk control measures
• Fire safety equipment checks
• Key elements for effective fire risk management
• Actions to be taken in the event of a fire
• Basic fire safety duties & responsibilities
• The fire triangle & controlling fire risks
• Causes of fires in the workplace
• Fire prevention measures & Safe use of portable fire-fighting equipment
• Principles of fire risk control

The fire safety awareness course is suitable for people who want to be a fire marshal in the workplace, those who are responsible for fire safety and anyone who wants to learn to use a fire extinguisher. After the course you will be confident enough and have the knowledge to act in an emergency situation, following the company guidelines and ensuring people use the closest fire exit. All delegates will also feel able to effectively use a fire extinguisher and know which one to use on different types of fires that may occur. Delegates will also understand and be able to assess the key risks in the workplace which are cooking appliances, electrics and smoking ensuring that all of these are monitored regularly and people are following the correct procedures.

If you want to ensure that your workplace has all the correct procedures in place to avoid fires and deal with them if one does ever occur, why not book a fire safety training course for your staff? We deliver our fire safety course throughout the United Kingdom and can even come to your office providing it is a suitable training environment.


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