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First Aid – Real life examples…

April 26, 2018

First Aid training is a subject that can often be under appreciated throughout workplaces not only in the United Kingdom but the world. First Aid training is very rarely spoken of within offices or workplaces in the United Kingdom, take a moment to consider for yourself how many times have you heard a colleague speak about or attend a First Aid training course? Or how many known First Aiders do you have in your office?

There are regularly stories posted in the news from people who have either required First Aid at some point or have administered it, outlining the importance this training played in saving a life and urging others to attend First Aid courses. The people that have told their stories to local news publications vary, they are all different ages and suffered different injuries showing that anything could happen to any of us at anytime and we should all be prepared as best we can.

The first story is from a 14-year-old boy who suffered a cardiac arrest while playing football with his friends. His heart stopped beating for around 10 minutes while his friends were performing CPR on him, luckily they had attended a First Aid course at their school as part of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme prior to this incident and learned CPR skills. This CPR gave him the best chance of survival until the paramedics arrived with an AED to restart his heart, without his friends knowing these skills he probably would not have survived.

First Aid training can also be helpful in other situations, the skills that you learn from First Aid training are much more than CPR and AED. There were two stories published in newspapers from people who helped in different ways when they witnessed an accident. Helen Cowen was sitting at home in the garden when she heard a loud bang outside her house, initially she thought nothing of it until she looked and saw a large crowd forming. Speaking about the incident she said “As I approached the commotion, I saw a 19-year-old boy lying in a pool of blood near a crashed motorbike. His leg was almost severed at his knee. He was responsive and in excruciating pain.” Helen had previous knowledge of First Aid and had also recently taken a First Aid course, she used her training and remained calm grabbing towels to stem the bleeding and almost certainly save the motorcyclists life. While others were panicking she was able to assess the situation and provide a temporary solution, without her prior training this may not have been possible. In another vehicle related incident Apryl Hammett put her First Aid skills to use when she passed by an accident on the A414. A woman was walking down the central reservation when she was hit by a vehicle, in this situation serious head injuries had been sustained so Apryl stabilised her head and calmed her down until the paramedics arrived. In this situation it was vital that Apryl did not try to move anyone until the paramedics arrived and remained calm, these little details of knowing what to do in different situations make a massive difference to treating injuries.

We at Seven place a massive emphasis on First Aid training as a result of our own personal experiences. Throughout our 20 years of operating we have participated in various events such as racing days, golf matches and charity cycling events. Unfortunately, we have had some accidents along the way while completing these activities, staff members have had to react quickly on a number of occasions to use First Aid skills.

Now every year we deliver a number of First Aid training courses for our staff members, ensuring they are able to effectively and efficiently deliver CPR or use an AED if it is required as well as learning how to treat various other injuries.

If you would like to book First Aid training for your business please feel free to contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible. Our first aid training courses vary in content, allowing you to select the perfect course for your business needs.


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