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First Aid Training – how many First Aiders do you know?

March 28, 2018

First Aid training can be delivered in many different forms which all vary in length and content with the aim of meeting different requirements. However, one thing is maintained throughout and that is the importance of completing First Aid training.

The basic principles of First Aid training remain the same no matter which course you decide to undertake. Ultimately, the trainer wants to educate all delegates attending a training course about how they can help people and what to do in an emergency situation.

The First Aid training courses that we offer range from three-day courses, one day courses and even a half day course, depending on which course you select the depth of content increases. For example, a half day course will briefly explain the process of what to do in an emergency situation and focus on key aspects where as a three-day course will detail every aspect in depth.

Many companies throughout the United Kingdom are failing to acknowledge the importance of having multiple First Aid trained staff in their workplace, you can never have to many people trained to deal with these situations in the unfortunate event that they occur. Imagine this scenario; you work in a small office with only 10-15 people therefore only one person has been First Aid trained. Someone in the office unexpectedly suffers a cardiac arrest while at work and the one designated First Aider is on their lunch break or off work sick, what would you do? This is just one simple example of why it is so important to have multiple First Aiders in every workplace, outside of work these skills are also transferrable and could help save an individuals life.

When you consider these factors why would you not increase the level of First Aid trained staff in your workplace?

Our courses include:

Basic life support and safe use of an AED

Emergency First Aid at work

First Aid at work

All of our training courses can be delivered nationwide throughout the United Kingdom, we can also provide an in-house training course as long as a suitable training environment is provided.


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