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First Aid training set to be introduced in schools…

July 23, 2018

Many adults throughout the United Kingdom would still struggle to give first aid in an emergency situation. However, the government has revealed plans to add first aid training and CPR to the national school curriculum in England. This would mean that children would know more than most adults,

The introduction of CPR to school curriculums comes after new research revealed some staggering figures, it has been revealed that the survival rate for out of hospital cardiac arrest is up to three times higher in countries that teach first aid in schools. If the United Kingdom can implement the same kind of initiative as these countries then thousands of lives could potentially be saved each year.

The announcement that this training is finally going to be added to the school curriculum has come as a relief to some people who have been campaigning this new initiative for years. A key member of these campaigns has been Qualsafe’s Medical Director Dr. Andrew Lockey. Secretary to the Resuscitation Council (UK), as well as the British Heart Foundation, St John Ambulance and British Red Cross.

The initial draft of this new legislation that is set to be introduced in 2020 was published in July 2018, it proposes that teachers talk about the steps that pupils can take to protect and support their own and others health and wellbeing, which includes learning basic first aid skills. Following this there has now been a public consultation published, which allows members of the public to comment on the new legislation before it is due to be introduced. The purpose of this is to gain a larger opinion and views on the new legislation that will be introduced to inform people about the purpose.

We are an accredited first aid training provider for Qualsafe training courses. Qualsafe were one of the main driving forces behind this initiative being introduced, saying that they are thrilled that this has all become a step closer after years of campaigning. Paramedic and author of the UK’s no.1 range of first aid training books, Nigel Barraclough commented saying “Norway has been teaching CPR in schools for many years and the increase in bystander CPR is the main reason that they have survival rates as high as 25% compared to the UK’s 10%. We would really encourage supporters to respond to the government consultation.”


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