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Safe Urban Driving

Safe Urban Driving is a FORS accredited Driver CPC module

Seven Training is recognised as a FORS associate and feature on their website as a recommended supplier of Safe Urban Driving, we deliver training courses to fleet operators across the UK as part of our broader portfolio of Driver CPC courses and have been delivering these to repeat customers for over 10 years.

Seven Training has provided Safe Urban Driving training to HGV drivers at depots across the UK including locations such as Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow and Cambridge using our mobile training van, ensuring your drivers receive the most up to date, accredited training available. With the growing number of cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists commuting on our roads every year, it is crucial that HGV drivers understand the risks present in urban environments and are able to operate safely to reduce the risks of an accident occurring.

The Safe Urban Driving course focuses on how fleet drivers share our cities’ streets safely with the most vulnerable road users. This course is a unique one as there is a particular emphasis on cyclists and includes a practical ‘on-road’ cycle training module to give drivers a ‘real life’ experience of a cyclist’s perspective. As well as theory content to further inform them about the potential hazards faced daily and how they can help to make our roads safer.

Safe Urban Driving training does also contribute a full day towards the 35 hours Driver CPC that professional drivers need, allowing you to gain CPC hours while getting FORS accredited.

Attending a Safe Urban Driving course is a requirement for standards such as the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) and Work Related Road Risk (WRRR).


Benefits of Safe Urban Driving

safe urban driving training course

Increased Awareness

Safe Urban Driving allows your drivers to gain a first hand insight about the urban environment. On a Safe Urban Driving course delegates step into the cyclists shoes, increasing their awareness of vulnerable road users in an aim to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring.

safe urban driving with delegates

Gain Accreditation

Safe Urban Driving is a vital Driver CPC module for gaining FORS accreditation. FORS accreditation stipulates that in order to achieve FORS silver all HGV drivers within that company must of completed a Safe Urban Driving course.

safe urban driving for HGV drivers

New Opportunities

Surveys conducted show that companies look for a certain level of FORS accreditation when deciding on suppliers and allocating contracts. Safe Urban Driving is a vital part of gaining the desired accreditation level to receive access to these contracts.

A Safe Urban Driving training course includes both theory and practical content, these modules are delivered for 3.5 hours each to make up the 7 hour requirement. The layout of this driver training course is different and can bring benefits in a number of different ways, the different types of training content delivered engage all delegates attending the course as well as helping them to store all of the relevant information. Safe Urban Driving course content includes:

Theory content:

  • The changing streetscape and the urban environment
  • Vulnerable road users and sharing the road safely
  • Defensive driving techniques and understand vehicle safety equipment and how to maintain its effectiveness

Practical content:

  • Exchanging places, driver attitude and perception
  • Introduction to active travel, driver fitness and health
  • Hazard recognition: understanding the issues faced by vulnerable road users

Book Safe Urban Driving

If you would like to book Safe Urban Driving training for your business you can do so using our online booking system, simply select Safe Urban Driving and proceed through the checkout we will then be in touch to discuss the training location and date. Alternatively, if you would like more information about Safe Urban Driving or require a bespoke quote please contact us. In order to provide a bespoke quote we will require details about the number of delegates that you have to train, as well as the preferred location and date of training.

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