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LGV Driver Essentials, our new course…

January 24, 2019

As we approach the end of the second cycle of CPC training one of the biggest worries among drivers is that they will have to complete repetitive modules, increasing awareness of the evident need for consistent innovation within the driver training industry. We have recently launched a brand-new Driver CPC training course after having it approved by JAUPT enabling drivers to complete new content within their cycle of periodic training.

It has been claimed by some people that Driver CPC training can aid career progression as the new skills learnt will improve efficiency and fuel consumption. Therefore, regularly learning new content will give delegates the maximum chance of broadening their knowledge on the vast range of subjects currently being taught.

This Jaupt approved Driver CPC course covers a range of content to keep delegates engaged throughout the day, all areas of this course directly relate to factors that modern day drivers face while operating. Some of the content derives from the popular Safe Urban Driving course, the main emphasis of this part of the course is about vulnerable road users and how to share the road safely with all road users. There are also a range of other subjects covered relating to a driver’s daily routine and best practice including manual entry tachographs, walk around checks and the working time directive as well as some other areas to further educate drivers on the changing roadscape.

The full content covered within this course includes:
• How to share the road safely with vulnerable road users and utilise route planning effectively
• Defensive driving techniques and collision avoidance in urban environments
• Walk around checks, drivers defect reporting and the legal and mechanical pitfalls of failing to do so
• Manual entries (tachograph) a subject that many firms do not require their drivers to do
• Working time directive, focusing on the most common driver infringement and best practice
• Overspeed, ensuring drivers remain within the speed limit at all times to reduce the risks of infringements
• Making sure a load is fully restrained before starting a journey, the importance of doing so and how to safely load your vehicle
• Penalty charges, explaining when and where you can stop on double yellows, red route and specific delivery points
• The use of mobile phones within a cab focusing on the do’s and don’t’s

We always strive to make training courses as educational, enjoyable and engaging as possible for all delegates attending, as well as ensuring that courses cause minimal disruption to a businesses operational requirements. Our nationwide service means that we will come to you, no matter where you are based your drivers benefit from knowing they will go into work as usual but have a day of training rather than working. This also negates the potential costs of travelling expenses that can be associated with training, none of the delegates will need to worry about hotels or extra travelling as they will be commuting to work as normal.

If you would like to book a bespoke Driver CPC training course for your business our LGV Driver Essentials can accommodate up to 20 drivers within each course. We have spaces available for bespoke training courses over the coming months. However, we advise booking as early as possible to maximise the chance of availability on your preferred date.


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