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LoCity Training – get ULEZ ready…

June 18, 2018

locity training

Air pollution levels are one of the biggest issues that London has faced in recent years, people are affected every day by air pollution and figures show that nearly 9,500 people die early each year because of it. These pollutants can have a range of impacts on people such as making chronic illnesses worse, shortening life expectancy and damaging lung development. People at all ages of life are at risk from these toxic fumed with at least 360 primary schools in areas that are exceeding safe legal pollution levels. However, we are now closer than ever to hopefully finding and implementing the long-term solution to this issue so that peoples living standards are no longer affected.

Road transport is the biggest source of toxic air polluting emissions in London. We are now only one year away from the initial ULEZ introduction in London, the initial zone hasn’t yet been introduced but there already plans in place to expand the zone across more of London in 2021. This new programme means that vehicles including cars and vans will need to meet lower emission standards, if vehicles fail to comply with this then they will have to pay a charge as well as the normal London congestion zone charge.

To prepare all HGV drivers for this new change that will affect the way they operate in the future a new driver cpc module has been approved called LoCity. LoCity driver training is aimed to inform drivers about how they can comply with the latest low emission legislations and improve their driving performance, as well as this it educates drivers on what vehicles they could be driving in the future with the introduction of electric vehicles.

LoCity training courses are fully accredited driver cpc training modules and contribute seven hours towards the periodic training requirement. The fully content you can expect to learn on a LoCity training course is:

• Air quality and fuel efficiency.
• How vehicle checks and maintenance can help reduce emissions.
• Fuel-efficient driving techniques.
• The benefits of journey planning.
• How to use in-vehicle technology to improve driving performance.
• Alternative Fuels in commercial vehicle fleets.


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