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You never know when someone may require medical attention…

September 24, 2018

Over the weekend before a professional football game a supporter suddenly became ill in the stands, it was so serious that the match had to be abandoned as he was air lifted by helicopter to the closest hospital. Members of the football club acted quickly and have rightly received lots of praise from people including Barnsley’s chief executive commented by saying “‘The importance of knowing important medical technique has been seen today and we will continue to raise awareness on this topic.’

This is the not the first time that this has happened recently, earlier this year in March 2018 Chesterfield v Lincoln City had to be abandoned for a similar incident. Half way through the first half a man fell ill and required urgent medical attention, the only option available to emergency services was to air lift the man to hospital via a helicopter which would land in the middle of the football pitch.

These two incidents just go to show that you never know what will happen at any given moment, going to watch your local football team should be an experience that we all get to enjoy. However, illnesses can strike at any moment and we need to always be prepared should an emergency situation occur.

This is just another example in a seemingly endless stream of stories that demonstrate the importance of First Aid and Automated External Defibrillators. The difference between having a qualified First Aider trained ready to administer treatment, rather than waiting for an ambulance to start treatment could be huge for the person that’s fallen ill. The most important thing and something that we can affect as humans is how quickly people receive medical attention, you could learn basic lifesaving skills such as CPR and how to use an AED in as little as 4 hours. Why would you not sacrifice 4 hours of your time to learn lifesaving skills?


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