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New ‘national standard’ for cycle training…

November 14, 2018

Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme training taking place

The ongoing subject throughout the United Kingdom about how we can make our roads safer shows no signs of slowing down, consistent improvements and discussions are taking place throughout the transport industry to find the best solution to reach the end target of vision zero.

The Department for Transport (DFT) has made moves to play their part in making our roads safer, the national standard for cycle training has been added to its ‘national standard’ collection. This means that there are clear skills and knowledge recommendation guidelines in order to cycle safely and responsibly as well as encouraging better road use among travellers using various transport methods.

The ‘national standard’ has been around for a long time and consists of a set of national standards for travellers that are either driving, riding and cycling. The range of vehicles covered within these standards include cars, light vans, motorcycles, lorries, buses and all training related to these vehicles.

Ultimately, the new standard released from DFT is a comprehensive guide to cycling which aims to make cyclists journeys safer. It provides a range of valuable information for cyclists, such as how to best prepare for a journey and ensure they are riding safely at all times. There is also a trainer unit encompassed within the standard which details relevant cycling training such as Bikeability. Bikeability is the governments cycle training programme, it is based on the ‘national standard’ and consists of a range of adult courses for people to complete.

The newly released FORS standard 5 encourages a broader range of vehicle types and markets to complete their FORS training and increase safety. The inclusions of vehicles such as powered two-wheel vehicles, coaches and buses mean that more companies than every can now become fully FORS accredited and complete vulnerable road user training. As well as this there are also other training requirements they must fulfil to comply with the new standard 5.

You can view the full national standard for cycle training by visiting the link below.


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