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Does your office have the correct procedures in place?

November 26, 2018

Throughout the United Kingdom offices need to be equipped and prepared with plans and equipment in case a fire ever happens within their office.

Ensuring the safety of all people working within an office is an essential aspect of any business. Fire safety is only one part of best practice for office safety, first aid equipment such as well stocked medical kits and AED’s should also be readily available.

The fire safety plan within an office should consist of two main components. The first of these being a well-structured fire plan, which will be implemented by the designated fire safety marshal within the office. This plan will detail the various fire exits that staff can use in an emergency situation, ensuring everyone within the office knows the safest and fastest route out of the building as well as the meeting point outside. Once everyone has evacuated the building the fire marshal must carry out a register to ensure that everyone has got out of the building safely, informing the fire fighters if anyone is still inside.

The second vital component for a business to ensure is that the staff have accessible fire safety equipment within the office. The most important piece of equipment which all office should include are fire extinguishers. However, you must ensure that your office has the correct type of fire extinguishers to suit the most likely fires. For example, an IT office would have carbon dioxide fire extinguishers where as a paper-based office would have water extinguishers. As well as fire extinguishers it is also common to have fire blankets within kitchen areas, blankets are lightweight easy use methods which could effectively stop the fire at source within seconds if applied quickly. The final piece of equipment for offices to have in place are fire safety signs, these will clearly highlight the nearest fire exit, fire extinguisher and fire blanket.

All staff should go to work knowing that they will be safe and the correct provisions are in place should an emergency situation ever occur, all employers have a duty of care with their employees to comply with the fire safety law failure to do so could result in a prison sentence.

We provide fire safety training courses, enabling your staff to ensure that the workplace is well prepared in case an emergency situation ever occurs. The course also teaches staff how to avoid fires occurring by assessing potential risks within the office environment.


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