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Open training courses and the benefits…

April 2, 2019

We have recently started marketing and delivering open training courses throughout the United Kingdom, mainly through the Eventbrite booking system. We have been delivering training courses for over 10 years and have continually looked to develop our training offering, originally our courses were only delivered to existing commercial vehicle customers. However, a couple of years ago we started offering our services to the wider market and built new relationships with companies throughout the United Kingdom becoming their preferred training supplier.

One of our customers recently asked us if open courses was something that we would do for drivers throughout his depots, mentioning a number of different benefits that he believes can be gained from them. After some consideration about the best way to approach this we decided to add open training courses to our training offering for our customers, maintaining a strong focus on offering a diverse and bespoke training offering to our customers. We pride ourselves on ensuring training courses cause minimal disruption to operational activities.

Our experience of these open courses enabled us to see why the customer specifically requested open training courses for their next batch of Driver CPC training. One of the biggest reasons that our customer wanted to do open training courses was so that his drivers could interact with drivers from other companies, as appose to the course being solely their drivers. He believed that this would enable them to learn more from the 7-hour training course, sharing different experiences and operating methods to cover more diverse content broadening their knowledge and learning new ways of operating or best practice methods where possible. Overall, it created more open discussions among drivers which fuelled educational engaging debates. Furthermore, open training courses enabled him to take a number of drivers from each depot off the road at any one time instead of a whole classroom of drivers, meaning they could continue operating as normal and realise minimal operational disruption while their drivers complete CPC training.

As well as this, there are also a number of other benefits that delegates attending open courses have voiced. There is a number of cost savings that they can benefit from with local open courses, significant savings can be made on travel and accommodation in comparison to sending drivers wherever there is an available training course as we get close to the deadline for completing training.

If have upcoming Driver CPC hours to complete and would like more information about some of the ways you can complete these please contact us, we will provide you with as much information as possible about how we can help you fulfil your legal requirement.


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