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The perfect solution to midweek training requirements…

July 31, 2018

A delegate taking part in driver CPC training

Throughout the transport industry there is a common problem that most HGV operators come across at some point… All businesses that operate a fleet of HGV will have to let their drivers complete their periodic CPC training at some point, failure to complete this training will result in drivers losing their license. However, offering midweek training courses would mean that their business cannot operate at maximum capacity, causing them to lose out on some potential business

Drivers are employed to drive and they cannot do this from within a classroom as this is not always beneficial to them or their employer. Therefore, we have found the perfect solution to this, offering companies the opportunity to complete their driver CPC training while continuing to work without interruption. This 7 hour CPC module allows drivers to continue their everyday working routine, turning up to work as usual and making deliveries or transporting cargo as they usually would, the only difference is that they will have one of our driver trainers inside the cab with them. It is an ideal training course for HGV operators who cannot afford to take their drivers off the road during working days, allowing them to continue making deliveries while progressing towards the periodic CPC requirement.

The aim of this day is for our trainers to assess the delegates driving technique and how they operate when completing deliveries. They will seek to provide advice on how a driver can increase his fuel efficiency by promoting fuel efficient driving techniques, reducing the overall long-term fuel spend for the business as figures have shown that driver behaviour and the vehicle that they drive both play a major part in increasing fuel efficiency within a fleet. Since we first introduced this course it has proven to aid these areas with our clients significantly increasing their average MPG figures and reducing their petrol expenditure

Our driver risk assessment training courses mean we come to you, no matter where you are based. Our trainers will come to your office at the start of your working day, ready for a day of training and development in the cabin with one of your drivers. If you would like to book one of our accredited driver CPC training courses or find out more information please feel free to contact us.


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