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Safe Urban Driving – the benefits…

April 18, 2018

safe urban driving training

As we are approaching the summer months and the sun is starting to shine we can expect the importance of Safe Urban Driving training to be demonstrated once again. No matter where you are located in the United Kingdom you will be used to seeing an increase in cyclists and pedestrians on our roads throughout summer, as the sun begins to shine more people start doing their daily commute either by foot or on a bicycle rather than driving to work. As well as this there are other factors to consider people will naturally be more outgoing in summer than winter and kids will also be on the summer holiday from school. All of these factors combine and contribute to the increased number of people out in public areas during the summer time.

The increased number of pedestrians, cyclists and kids all using our urban environments throughout summer will mean that drivers will have to be more alert than ever about potential hazards, as the number of people populating our streets increases drivers will have more onus to ensure they are aware of their surroundings.

Safe Urban Driving training courses have the content to help with these circumstances and raise drivers awareness about potential hazards that they face on the roads. The course was originally designed to combat these issues and raise awareness of vulnerable road users to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring. The unique course puts drivers into the cyclists shoes as they swap places on this training course, a practical session takes delegates around an urban environment on bikes so that they can experience situations for themselves.

Key factors to consider when driving in summer

Can you see properly? – if your vision is being affected by the sun then this is not safe to drive and you should use or reposition your sun visor.

Are you mirrors positioned correctly? – with the increase number of people populating streets in summer it is essential you do not have any blind spots.

Do you feel fit to drive? – in the peak of summer you can become dehydrated and hot very easily, this will lead to you feeling tired and drowsy. If you do start to experience any of these symptoms pull over and give yourself a break with a drink of water.


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