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Safe Urban Driving – Why we like delivering training

March 15, 2018

Safe Urban Driving and FORS accreditation continue to grow in popularity leading to an increased demand for training.

Seven Training have provided Safe Urban Driving training to companies throughout the United Kingdom, continually receiving positive feedback from delegates and accrediting bodies.

As a company this a course that we always enjoy delivering for a number of reasons. First of all, we enjoy providing a different training experience. Drivers have become so used to the same content being delivered in the same office-based environment that you run the risk of them switching off if the trainer is not engaging enough. However, this course allows them to participate in a 3 hour on road practical element which completely opposes the norm. Rather than sitting in a training venue for 7 hours, we can get active and give the drivers a first-hand insight into what vulnerable road users face in today’s urban environment.

This leads perfectly onto the second reason that we enjoy delivering these courses. A number of our staff are avid cyclists and we participate in a 40-mile bike ride for charity every year. Last year one of our members of staff was knocked off his bike, thankfully there were no serious injuries from the incident but this lead to increased motivation to raise awareness. The roads are constantly changing and there are more cyclists, pedestrians and cars using these roads every year. That is why we strive to use Safe Urban Driving to increase the awareness of all the potential hazards that are faced on the road. Ultimately, we want to reduce the likelihood of accidents happening so that HGV drivers take into consideration how to handle certain situations and what to look for in urban environments.

That is why we enjoy delivering Safe Urban Driving training. We deliver our Safe Urban Driving courses throughout the United Kingdom to multi-depot companies using our mobile training van, we provide all the equipment needed for a Safe Urban Driving course and arrange training around your schedule


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