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Safe Urban Driving not just for London…

April 30, 2018

Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme training taking place

Whenever we speak to companies about FORS Safe Urban Driving or Van Smart training courses one talking point always seems to dominate; companies throughout the UK regularly ask us, aren’t these courses only delivered within London? We can tell you this is absolutely not the case, we will come to you! These courses just like every other course we offer are delivered nationwide at a location convenient to you.

We do not know where this fabricated story started about these training courses only being available in London. However, it seems to be a real issue with the FORS safe urban driving courses for operators, many commercial vehicle operators would like to complete these modules to gain FORS accreditation but cannot afford to send their drivers to London for training. The cost of training on top of the expenses make this option unviable for the majority of businesses, that is why we want to raise awareness that these courses can be delivered nationwide, there is no stipulation on where these courses can be completed by your drivers.

This issue first came to our attention last year when we exhibited at the FORS members conference. Throughout the course of the day we had numerous discussions with people who wanted to complete Safe Urban Driving training, gaining a very positive reaction when we made people aware of our capability to deliver safe urban driving nationwide.

As a supplier of training courses to businesses for just under 10 years, we designed our training offering to cause minimal disruption to businesses operational activities. One of the key factors that would make this possible was to offer our customers flexible training locations, allowing you to pick where you would like training to be delivered. When we gained the accreditation to start delivering safe urban driving training this priority remained, we wanted to ensure that we have the capability to deliver courses nationwide. Our training van is the key element in this as it allows us to provide all the equipment needed, we provide the bikes, helmets and high visibility jackets required to complete training and we can do it at a location chosen by you!

A safe urban driving training course engages delegates with both practical and theory content for 3.5 hours each, providing them with classroom theory-based content before experiencing the situations talked about first hand as they go for a practical cycle ride. As well as being aligned to meet the requirements of FORS, CLOCS and WRRR this course also contributes 7 hours towards the driver CPC legislation. This training course ticks many boxes for companies as it keeps them compliant and provides Driver CPC hours.

No matter which training course you require or are interested in, we come to you!


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