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Safe Urban Driving – What you can expect from your course

October 3, 2017

Safe Urban Driving training being delivered to delegates

In 2011 Transport For London (TFL) created a brand new training course without knowing it would prove to be this popular years later, this course was Safe Urban Driving. The popularity and success of Safe Urban Driving could be down to a number of reasons. First of all the course contributes 7 hours towards the Driver CPC requirement consisting of a practical and theory element for 3.5 hours each. Secondly, it provides HGV drivers with an innovative, fresh and exciting way of receiving their training as at the time it was the first accredited course in the United Kingdom to include an on road cycling experience.


A staggering figure shows that every year in London there are more than 2,000 pedestrians and cyclists involved in incidents with vehicles. TFL had a clear vision when they created this course which was to increase road safety and awareness, ultimately reducing the number of incidents that are happening within the United Kingdom every year. The content and modules have been specifically designed with this vision in mind, incorporating theory and practical content it allows HGV drivers to become cyclists for the day in order to gain a unique perspective.


So, what exactly can you expect from your Safe Urban Driving course?


Practical content:

• Exchanging places, driver attitude and perception

• Introduction to active travel, driver fitness and health

• Hazard recognition, understanding the issues faced by vulnerable road users


Theory Content

• The changing streetscape and the urban environment

• Vulnerable road users and sharing the road safely

• Defensive driving techniques, understanding vehicle safety equipment and how to maintain its effectiveness


The growth of Safe Urban Driving has coincided with the popularity of gaining FORS accreditation for HGV companies. This course is an essential part of becoming accredited as FORS silver. The course has also became a requirement for Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) and Work Related Road Risk (WRRR). To date more than 20,000 drivers throughout the United Kingdom have opted to take this course. It also includes 7 hours of their Driver CPC it serves a multi-functional purpose.

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