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Seven Driver Training – An open & honest training experience

October 3, 2017

Since 2009 when Seven Driver Training first started delivering training courses one principle has been engrained within the company, the determination to provide our delegates with high quality, engaging and enjoyable training experiences. This is a principle which has received some great feedback throughout a number of years including various courses and accrediting bodies such as Jaupt, Qualsafe and FORS.

We always strive to offer the best possible training experience and take great pride in receiving positive feedback. Our training process includes ensuring various aspects such as the overall organisation, lunch, trainer and the equipment needed are all set up correctly and efficiently. This process is important for a number of reasons; We are 100% open and honest about our feedback and accreditation scores, providing complete transparency about the training services that we offer. Every delegate who attends a course will be given a Jaupt or Qualsafe feedback form to fill out which ranges from requires attention to excellent, allowing them rate their experience of all the aspects mentioned previously.

Seven Driver Training courses are designed with the aim of causing minimal disruption for delegates, despite this we still maintain impressive feedback scores. For example, nationwide training means delegates do not need to change their daily routine to attend one of our courses and we will come to their location with all the equipment whether it is AED & CPR training, Safe Urban Driving or Emergency First Aid. Even with this mobile approach delegates can still be assured we will be using one of our approved Jaupt or Qualsafe accredited training locations.

Furthermore, our training instructors have been delivering courses for a number of years gaining vast amounts of experience in the process. They are always equipped with the very best content and equipment to carry out courses such as little Anne dolls for CPR courses and brand new Carrera bikes for Safe Urban Driving, they also receive professional development in order to stay up to date and develop their already adept skills further.

A recent Jaupt report on a driver CPC course included this quote about our trainer “the trainer had identified each trainee learning style and asked questions appropriate to meet their leaning needs, he had established a good rapport with his audience and easily engaged them in practical activities and discussions” while a Qualsafe audited basic life support and safe us of an AED course said “the trainers delivery style ensured the learners were fully engaged, giving them the opportunity to practice their skills significantly prior to assessment”. Likewise, In a recent FORS Safe Urban Driving course every delegate that attended marked our trainer as ‘excellent’ for the numerous questions about professionalism, approachability and knowledge.



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