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ULEZ scrappage scheme announced…

January 3, 2019

We are officially writing our first blog of 2019! The festive period came and passed so quickly as it always does, it seems like only two minutes ago we were preparing for Christmas. However, despite this we hope that you all had a very good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Companies throughout the United Kingdom will be slowly getting back into the rhythm of work after the Christmas period. There has been some very positive news for micro-businesses within London as they come back to work in 2019, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has announced a new £23m van scrappage scheme to help them prepare for ULEZ and purchase the cleanest or electric vehicles.

As well as his own plans Sadiq Khan has also announced that he would like the Government to match his contribution to the scheme, using money from either the £245m National Clean Air fund or underspend on Highways England £75m air quality fund.

Khan, said: “It’s not good enough to do nothing, and I’m determined to take real action which is why I’ve already delivered the toxicity charge in central London for the oldest polluting vehicles, cleaned up our bus fleet, and brought forward the ultra-low Emission Zone. My scrappage scheme is my next step in tackling pollution.”

So, what is a micro-business and why are they being offered scrappage schemes? Well micro-businesses in this instance are defined as those with fewer than 10 employees. These companies face some of the biggest financial burdens as a result of ULEZ hence this new scheme, they may not have the capital of a multi-depot company enabling them to replace their fleet with ULEZ compliant vehicles. Failure to upgrade their fleet would mean that they face a £12.50 penalty charge everyday they enter the ULEZ zone, which could result in their business being unsustainable and closing down.

This news will be widely welcomed by people throughout London, there was a clear need for help that would enable people to get ULEZ compliant vehicles without incurring the full cost; especially for operators that purchased their vehicles within the last few years which would no longer be compliant.


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