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Van Smart training is specifically designed for professional van drivers to increase road safety.

We are a recognised supplier of Van Smart training and feature on the FORS website for our training services which include Van Smart as well as Safe Urban Driving training. Van Smart training is a one day course that is fully aligned to meet FORS, CLOCS and WRRR requirements the content is specifically designed for professional van drivers with the aim of encouraging behavioural change, promote high standards of driving and increase road safety. If your company is new to the van sector or you operate a fleet of vans and are looking at training courses to develop your drivers a Van Smart course could be perfect for you.

About Van Smart Training

The course was originally created by TFL and FORS as part of wider safety based scheme, Van Smart breaks the mould of normal driver training courses as it is aimed solely at professional van drivers rather than HGV drivers. In London, vans account for 80% of all road freight mileage. 10% of road traffic incidents involve a van and 11% of these result in serious injury or fatality. The Van Smart training course not only aims to improve these figures and overall road safety standards but create a long-term behavioural change in the van sector.

We deliver training courses throughout the United Kingdom and Van Smart training is no exception to this, many people are under the impression that Safe Urban Driving and Van Smart training courses can only be delivered within London but this is not the case.

Our bespoke Seven driver training van enables us to come to you no matter where your office is based (as long as a suitable training environment is available), we supply all of the equipment needed to complete a Van Smart course including the bikes, helmets and high visibility jackets. This allows you to complete your Van Smart training with minimal disruption to your business activities. We currently deliver a variety of courses including Van Smart to customers all over the United Kingdom to locations such as Birmingham, Southampton, Leeds and Manchester our capability to deliver training courses nationwide has enabled repeat customers to receive training from Seven for a number of years.

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Van Smart Training Course Content

Theory content includes:
• How to effectively plan & prepare for a journey & why this is important
• How to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy
• Safe loading procedures & how to make your load safe
• Basic safety rules for van drivers & defensive driving techniques

Practical content includes:
• How to share the road safely with others
• Driver attitude & the perception towards vulnerable road users
• On road experience to understand why collisions occur & how to reduce the likelihood
• Introduction to active travel, driver fitness & health

The Van Smart course content is all tailored to give delegates relatable real life examples and information to boost their knowledge, this is done through both a practical and theory element for 3.5 hours each. The practical element of this course consists of classroom based content, delegates will learn about vulnerable road users and how to share the road safely as well as the consistently changing urban environment. After delegates have completed this practical element in the classroom they will then get to put their new knowledge to the test and participate in the practical element. The practical content of a Van Smart course puts drivers into the pedestrians shoes as they become the cyclists in an urban environment, this enables all delegates to get a first hand perspective to increase their awareness of potential hazards.


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If you would like to book Van Smart training for your business please contact us with your individual requirements. We will need to know how many delegates require training, where you would like training to be delivered and your preferred date this will allow us to tailor an individual quote for you. Alternatively, you can book Van Smart training using our online booking system. Once you have booked your course online we will be in contact to discuss your preferred training date and location.

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